Live Better, Happier

The adventure starts with Anne-Laure & Aurore, two French mums living in London.


This is the story of two friends who realised at the same time that they wanted to lead a more meaningful life and have an impact.

Their stories

On one side is Anne-Laure, who has spent over fifteen years working for premium skincare & beauty companies and luxury brands. Passionate about small independent brands with a story and colorful atmosphere.

On the other side is Aurore who has worked for over fifteen years in the food industry and healthy products. She is passionate about healthy products, independent bookstores, small boutiques where you can find unique products and discuss with owners.

Their mission

While having lunch, they decided to embark on a mission to curate lifetsyle, cool, sustainable and with a purpose brands. Because happinness is now and that it is also the result of choices we make and the way we think. With THAOSS, they wish to share their journey, their green life discovery, happiness research. To offer green alternatives for feel good products and happiness.

Join US

If you are like us, trying to be graceful to yourself, to stop that urge to do one click on Amazon Prime,

if you are starting to enjoy oatmilk and hula hooping everyday in your living room,

then you are ready for the other way of shopping, the one that fills your soul with happiness and inspiring stories, made of a new generation of women and men entrepreneurs who are locals. They are reinventing classic everyday products with an elegant twist, unique savoir-faire & talent. They seek to produce in a better way and have a positive impact on the society.

This is in a nutshell, The Art Of Story Shopping: THAOSS. A site where you can find quality gift ideas for happier families!