Pink Ceramic Kitchen Knives

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TH-Pink Ceramic Kitchen Knives

We've gone for the brightest Pink available and what a difference colour makes, the carefully designed and coated soft grip handle stands out in any kitchen.

Available to buy separately as needed or you can buy the whole set and get a Free stand to show off your Kitchen to friends and family. The stand can either sit on your work surface or can be wall mounted for easy access.

Please note: as with all our knives or bladed products, the buyer must be 18 years or over.

Professional Chef's Knives don't come better than this, ultra sharp - the blades are made from Zirconium Oxide more commonly known as Ceramic or the same stuff as your plates and bowls, however we've perfected the design process and each knife has been hardened using a 400 ton press.

Take our new 8 inch professional Kitchen Knife, the lightweight design means you won't tire of using it, the strength of the 8" blade remains, while the easy control of use are remarkable for slicing, chopping or cutting almost all fruit and veg.

A 5 inch filleting knife is ideal for slicing chicken or fine carving beef, the 4 inch paring knife can be used for peeling pears, apples or making paper thin slivers of oranges, the 3 inch ceramic is for herbs, small vegetables and fruit.

All knives are dishwasher proof or can be cleaned just by wiping, however the beauty of a Rocknife Ceramic Knife is that is is rust proof and leaves no trace on the vegetables or fruit that you've been cutting. There's no metallic smell and anything you slice or dice will remain fresh over much longer periods, the acids in foods don't react with Ceramic in the way they do with Steel.