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Easy to slide in its bag or pouch to be perfect at all times.
Very small, its grip is nevertheless comfortable thanks to the sweetness of the horn. Its silk boar bristles ensure a quality of flawless brush.
Measurements: Length-13.5 cm Height-3.5 cm Width-4.5 cm This Fiaker Brush is olive wood mounted and coated with cow horn and boar-bristles. The fact that each of our products are handmade from raw materials is what makes them unique. No horn resembles another. The boar-bristle provides you with healthy hair and ensures a good distribution of the sebum that nourishes the hair throughout its whole length. It also displays antistatic properties. Being harder than pig-bristle, the boar-bristle massages the scalp even more significantly during grooming, which provides a moment of relaxation and well-being. Brushing your hair daily with our brushes provides neat shiny hair. The Fiaker Brush is easy to maintain. Similarly to human hair, horn and animal bristles are keratin structured ; they will thus be fed by the sebum produced by the scalp and will benefit, as much as your hair, of a regular use. The Griffette ,which you are presented with, by Guêpes et Papillons, allows a mechanical cleaning of the brush to remove hair and impurities when necessary. Guêpes et Papillons recommends washing your brushes and combs with mild soap and water twice a year. The Fiaker brush is delivered in a cloth pouch.
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