Cherub Brush - Add his/her initial

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TH-Cherub Brush
This goat bristle cherub brush is great for new-born babies and makes a great baby shower and birth gift.
Do you need a thoughtful gift for baby shower? Any infant has every right to be dolled up with luxury and delicacy. This small sized brush will accompany the baby through its first years, allowing its fragile scalp to be gently brushed by the soft silk goat bristles. Personalize baby’s first brush by engraving it with his or her initials, to make the perfect gift for any baby arrival or baby shower. Natural materials – You will find - Olive wood - Exotic wood - Cow horn - Goat’s silk Weight: 200g
Produced in France, this Guêpes & Papillons hairbrush will take you on a time travel, to a distant lifestyle of luxury defined by a refined elegance with a French touch. Guêpes & Papillons demonstrates that the preciseness, delicacy and patience that handmade work requires are the heart of its beauty. The unique brush is handmade by European artisans and respectful of any infants hair.
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