Live Better, Happier

Launched in May 2019 by two friends Anne-Laure & Aurore, two French Londoners. This is also the story of two Mums who were throwing themselves in life 100%: the job, the kids, the house, the husband, the au-pair, the dentist, the conf calls, the nap in the uber, the healthy dinners to cook, drinking water, exercising …

One day, they realised sorry but not sorry, we may be mums, have a career, be superwives but more importantly we are HUMAN!

We want to pause for a moment, re-discover the pleasure of offering gifts, be able to put a face behind the products we buy, choose to consume less but better.

If you are like us, trying to be graceful to yourself, to stop that urge to do one click on Amazon Prime,

if you are starting to enjoy oatmilk and hula hooping everyday in your living room,

then you are ready for the other way of shopping, the one that fills your soul with happiness and inspiring stories, made of a new generation of women and men entrepreneurs who are locals. They are reinventing classic everyday products with an elegant twist, unique savoir-faire & talent. They seek to produce in a better way and have a positive impact on the society.

This is in a nutshell, The Art Of Story Shopping: THAOSS. A site where you can find quality gift ideas for happier families!