Life 3.0? We have tried to find a happy middle ground between the rat race and opting for a sabbatical life… and yes we believe it should exist!

Danish people have Hygge, the art of cosiness…enjoying the warmth of a candle light, the comfort of a blanket, cup of coffee and good book in front of the fireplace…and it works as Danish people are said to be amongst the happiest people, I have worked with them for many years and was impressed how they always say yes effortlessly.


But this approach was not really for us, with our Latin attitude, a different notion of calmness and a knack for revolution!

After several lunches in between two meetings and just enough time for a couple of tapas, wishing we were « Ladies who lunch », we decided to create our own concept of life, the THAOSS life, life 3.0: something that would help us to pause for a moment, meet with people with authentic experiences, be audaciously us. And more importantly being able to put a face behind the products we are buying even have a cuppa with them!

That’s how we came to have tea at Sara’s, an Italian woman living in Paris who has created Piccolo Made in Italy, a fashion brand for kids. She preserves local savoir-faire in her workshop in Portofino where each piece is crafted with care by expert local hands. But her ambition to produce better doesn’t stop there; she is now using deadstocks from the Italian textile industry. The result is a kids’ collection that is always bubbling combining elegance & charm, completely irresistible!..