At THAOSS, we know personally all the entrepreneurs who have created the products we carefully select to have on our concept store such as the Hair Accessories Ribbies. We are keen to share their fascinating stories with you so here is a new series of blogs called "Who is behind my products".

Last week, I had a zoom link interview with the lovely Lucie, who owns the Hair Accessories brand "Ribbies". This interview was really interesting on so many levels but two really stood out for me: I am fascinated how she managed an incredible career change from being a Financial Controller to managing and designing hair accessories and how her own passion delivers each time unique collections that really create a wow with girls and mums alike.

What makes a quality product so irresistible? We actually realise there is so much passion in the way the products are designed and crafted. And that passion comes from the entrepreneur behind. Research shows that the more passionate the entrepreneur, the more likely the creativity and success.

1. Tell us a little bit more about your change in career: When, How did it happen? What was your previous job about?

I decided to start my own business after my family moved to London with two very young children. Before that, I worked in an audit company and then as a financial controller in a French multinational. It was an excellent building block for becoming an entrepreneur.

2. How long did it take from the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and launching your first collection of hair accessories?

I had had this aspiration for quite some time.

I discovered in London an American brand launched in 2006, which did not exist in the French market so I thought I could be a bridge between the anglophone and the francophone world.

I started as their European distributor in 2013. In 2017 I purchased the brand and started designing my own collections.

3.What would you say is the thing you wish you had known before becoming an entrepreneur that would have helped greatly?

Being an entrepreneur can feel a bit lonely at times. It makes a difference to have a team of experts to support a business’s growth.

4. We understood that you managed to buy the brand Ribbies, did it come naturally?

It was a fantastic opportunity when the brand’s founder offered me to take it over. I loved the products and I could not say no!

5. What is your secret for having a business whilst also having three children?

Good question!

I love what I do and growing my business over the years is a strong motivation that keeps me going.

Also, I am lucky to have a very supportive husband who always believed in my project and helped me in different ways, sharing new ideas or attending business fairs with me.

6. What are the organizational tips you can give to people?

I don’t work when I am with my children.

I plan my week ahead and do my best to stick to it.

7. Do you find it is difficult to switch off in the evening / week-end? Or do you do it easily?

I don’t really ever switch off… Even during the week end or on holiday, I am still looking for new design ideas, way to improve my website or any other growth opportunities.

8. What motivational quote resonate with you and why?

“Where there’s smoke, there’s smoke” by the physicist John Wheeler

If I have to pick a sentence, I believe JW nailed it. Face the adversities don’t pretend its all fine. If you do so, you will come out on top.

9. Which products are you best-sellers for Christmas?

The baby bows hair sets are a best seller for Christmas. It is actually a perfect stocking filler.

They have a non-slip grip which is unique to the Ribbies collection and patented. Mums adore these hair clips because of the size and that they stay in the hair, even the thin one.

Thanks Lucie for helping us to understand who is behind the products we buy.