“Being surrounded by eco-conscious women help us" - Today, we meet with the fabulous AllMumsTalk who gives us Green Tips for Festive times.

December 20th, 2019

At THAOSS, we believe Ethical should resonate with Pleasure. All our selection of irresistible products are also eco-friendly. We love being inspired by eco-conscious women who have an irresistible personality. This week, we interview Aly, aka AllMumsTalk. She is giving us her first hand tips on a Greener Christmas.

When did you decide to become an eco-Mama and why?

I think I was always more environmentally conscious, my parents are some of the greenest people I know! But it was shortly after my son was born almost 6 years ago when I became more aware of our effect on the planet. At the time, there weren’t many green products around to use for baby care - at least not as many as we luckily have today! I was appalled by the amount of nappies my son was going through. I knew there had to be a better way to tackle the little things which weren’t exactly green: starting with nappies and wipes and clothing. So I quickly and gradually started to switch to organic cotton for clothing, a mix of eco friendly nappies & cloth nappies and biodegradable wipes. I’m looking to improve the list as we speak :)

What are the 3 things you think we should be mindful of to be a bit more eco-friendly during festive times?

Your choice of Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. I recently found out how many dirty actions are taken when it comes to the Christmas tree industry. The amount of pesticides, herbicides and hormones inhibitors used on trees to make them grow faster is seriously affecting the environment. Instead we should choose naturally grown trees or organic. In the UK you can find both at Magic of Foresters. They have trees so natural that you can even eat them. And people do use them in roasts, tea, beer etc

Also Christmas decorations have to be recyclable. And no glitter! That’s one of the most dangerous things for the recycling equipment. It gets the machinery broken in seconds.

Try not to buy all the things we don’t need even though we’re so tempted! Maybe investing more in experiences rather than gifts we might not even remember. Especially for children, we have the power to create some lovely memories for them now. I think theatre tickets for a nice play instead of 4 winter hats or a day at Santa’s Grotto instead of another Christmas jumper.

(AllMumsTalk has also given a new life to hers and her daughter's summer dresses by dyeing them in red - see the picture below - upcycled clothing that truly looks stunning!)

How do you educate your children about adopting greener habits? or do they naturally join in?

They have much understanding of the recycling part. For example Amelie is only two but she knows how to recycle glass, paper and plastic. She even tells us off if by mistake we place a plastic bottle in the glass bin.

Kids are like a sponge; they constantly observe you and your habits! So they’ll learn mostly by watching you :)

What are the Green habits that can be a lot fun for the kids too?

Picking up the Christmas trees definitely:) and teaching the kids how they grow and how they host a lot of animals and insects and why keeping them healthy will keep us healthy. I’m not a big fan of cutting down trees, but as long as they come from a sustainable source, it’s ok. For example the place where we got ours from this year has over 12k trees and they only cut up to 10% each year, never more. And for each tree that gets cut, they plant at least one seedling.

Also they love wrapping up gifts using their artwork from school (Lucas as Amelie is not yet in nursery or school). The grandparents especially love this!! “

Do you believe eco-friendly and pleasure can go together?

Yes, definitely, there are lots of eco friendly options which can also be trendy, and great for the pleasure seekers (I’m one!)

What would deliver "Happiness in Box" for you at Christmas: a Feel-Good Organic Cotton T-shirt "Maman Poule" with the name of your little chicks? an ethical piece of hand-made jewellery ? an up-cycling piece of clothes for children, locally made ? a vegan, all natural skincare?

In regards to the gifting idea, it’s so hard to choose, you got the perfect picks :) I think the organic T-shirt which can be worn for many festive seasons, also a reminder of that first Christmas you got to wear it, and the name tailoring can work towards such a brilliant memory, but also the ethical jewellery gift can be equitably successful :). I'd say one of the two would work nicely for a family.

Thanks AllMumsTalk!

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