How to make the most of the lockdown to have quality time with your children?

One positive thing about these dramatic times has been to get us closer to our children. The opportunity is to try fun lockdown activities for kids to create memorable experiences.

Perhaps the confinement will even contribute to improving the kids' overall happiness. We may even hope it could reverse the scary trend showing that Children's happiness with life was at its lowest in the UK since 2009.

I thought my 3 year old was a happy bunny at the nursery while I was working full time. Since the confinement, she repeats non-stop "Mummy you are my best friend in the whole whole world", making me completely melt. I actually think overall my children have never been happier than at present time, with the whole family, confined at home.

So putting all my work and worries aside, I decided to be a bit more like my children, embrace the moment with everything it has to give. Finding happiness in the little things and trying to build as many memorable experiences with them. We know that in the long run this will help them to build resilience and a happier life.

Go Go Wonder Parents, you Rock

We have been so impressed by all the Super Dads and Mums (aka Maman Poule and Papa Poule) outthere who are sharing all their amazing creative ideas on social media.

At THAOSS, we have shortlisted 7 Great things to do with your children during the week:

1. Botanical Ceramic Pin Tray

This is a very elegant and simple way of achieving greatness and building confidence. Even if you are not the Arts & Crafts Mummy type, there is no doubt that you will succeed with this one. You'll need cold porcelain clay (or you can make your own baking soda clay), a couple of dried flowers and a rolling pin. It's perfect for young kids but the older ones would join in eagerly.

This was inspired by @mayapoppins, mum of 3 (2 boys & 1 girl), and based on the tutorial video from @minireyve. (photo credit @minireyve).

2. Pancake Dinner Party

How about an evening where you don't have to worry about the dinner? This could sound very nice especially since now you most probably also have to cook lunches for the whole family.

Just buy basic ingredients to make neutral pancake base, and some savoury and sweet toppings such as cheese, eggs, ham, jam or chocolate to keep it simple. But anything goes really, let your children be creative.

Whilst you children are preparing the pancakes with daddy, who loves flipping the pancakes, you can perhaps escape and pamper yourself with a warm bath and a natural spa candle.

3. Words Diary

As children love to collect flowers just bloomed in Spring, whilst being in lockdown, we choose to collect new words and write them down in our notebook. You can then ask your child to draw a picture to describe the word. This little activity was inspired by the lovely magazine team @tetraslire

4. Treasure Hunt

As we have been reading about the pirate cruncher every night which is an hilarious book relating the story of pirates going after gold and ending up in a monster's mouth. We thought what a lovely idea to organise our own treasure hunt in the  garden. The idea is to go from one clue to another one until you find the treasure (chocolate!). Each clue has a riddle to solve and helps to find the place where the next one is hidden.

The wonderful princess bow in the picture can be found on our website.

5. Dress up Friday

As we cannot go outside, why not have dress up Fridays as a family with a specific theme.

And how about putting some non-toxic, vegan lacquer on your nails with your teenager girl as it is completely safe and free from the 9 potential harmful controversial ingredients. From Pastel Rose to Fuschia, just what you need to perk up.

For this one, we got inspired by Aly @AllMumsTalk's fashion Friday project.

6. Home schooling for Parents

How about you let your children teach you one or two things they have learned on Science or Geography this week. Can you achieve their most challenging tasks ? ;-)

Our 8 year old has a knack for turning lessons into a powerpoint presentations with exercises. With my husband we take turns in playing the pupil. It is a fantastic way of building your child's confidence and help them to learn by re-telling.

And here is a funnier version of this as an evening game. Each person in the family prepares a powerpoint presentation on a topic of their choice that another person in the family should present. The family member presenting the powerpoint will have no idea what it is about. The sillier the powerpoint, the more amusing it is to watch that family member talks about the subject passionately.

7. Get your online party 

If your child's birthday happens during the lockdown, not to worry. Jessica and her Magical Quests team @mymagicalquests have a talent for delivering dream's party remotely. With them, the magic lives on. (Photo credit @mymagicalquests)