Looking for a gift to stand out for Mother's day? We have sought some special presents for 2020.

Research shows that consumers, when searching for the perfect present for mum, would like to find something that is unique or which creates a special memory. At THAOSS, we are curating original and memorable presents for Mum crafted with love and care. 

Not all superheroes wear capes. At THAOSS, we celebrate our super human Mums, the ones who get so much right every day. In times of uncertainties, it feels so good to hear her voice on the phone or put the kettle on, share a warm cuppa.

Here are our top loving picks for your Mum. They are both GREEN & SEXY. A feel-good alternative to flowers for mother's day:

1. Make Mum Melt with a 100% Organic Cotton Personalised Sweat/T-Shirt

With this one, you just cannot go wrong. It would put a smile on Mum's face. We love the irresistible design and the personalisation with the number and names of chicks (aka Children). Whether she has one, two ...six chicks, they can all fit in! A distinctive quirky present for Mum.

In addition, it is 100% organic cotton, much better for our health and the environment as it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals. It is also slow fashion as it is printed on demand to avoid waste.

2. Natural Luxury Spa Candle as an exclusive present

Enhance Mums' well-being with a 100% Natural Luxury Spa Candle with wonderful (uniquely combined) scents of lavender, ylang-ylang and geranium which also have relaxing properties. Time to escape and treat herself to an in-home SPA. Perfect to light when having a bath or to wind down at the end of a busy day. This candle has been short-listed gift of the Year 2020 and is 100% natural avoiding any harmful ingredients such as artificial fragrances or paraffin wax.

3. Make Mum feel sexy with Natural Skincare and Vegan Make-up.

With so much worries around us, we can be at peace of mind when offering this range of 100% natural balm with as little ingredients as possible, made in the South of France. The experience is delivering on what we would expect from a beauty product, it is great to use, nourishing without being too oily and only a small amount is needed to take care of the skin everyday.

Along with the above, why not considering offering a 80% natural vegan lipstick and a 9-free nail lacquer. These have been made by women for women who wanted the best natural alternative to conventional make ups whilst still delivering on efficacy (e.g. long-lasting), beautiful colours and great to apply.

4. Modern Vibrant patterns for home decoration

Offer artisanal vibrant hand block print cushion, table linen to add warmth and vibrancy to home decoration. They are all made from natural dyes. This is the promise of an individual touch.

5. Pamper Mum with a Personalised Hair Brush 

Why not help mum discover what it feels to swap a cheap plastic brush for a beautiful object, a quality artisanal brush to personalise, made from natural quality materials, with her initial on it. The quality is there, the product lasts for a lifetime. It has never feel so good to let the hair grow.

6. Show Gratitude with a Thank you Personalised Hand-Made Jewellery

Hand-graved messages of gratitude on a piece of jewellery do bring a touch of happiness and positive emotions that last for ever. This is a super simple but super special present.