Cocooning has become the new normal. We seek comforting lockdown ideas to take good care of ourself, home interior with the right products which boost our sense of well-being.

At THAOSS, we have the perfect cocooning and self-care selection with local, natural, good for our health and the environment essential products to help you smooth into a Cocooning Lockdown Life with ease.

1. Live in your PJs!

You have been dreaming about it. Less strict schedules, no more of these morning rushes to get everybody through the door and on time. How about letting your kids roam free from time to time in their PJs?

At THAOSS, we offer a great collection of comfy and stylish night gowns and PJ's so that you will actually feel good about letting your children stay in their PJs. They are all 100% organic, locally made and the fabric is super soft!

2. Add Comfiness & Colour to your interior

Seek comforting lockdown and revisit your home decoration and implement little touches which make a big difference:

  • Brighten the general mood with comforting items and touch of colours.
  • Don't hesitate to change the table cloth regularly even though no-one is coming for dinner ;)
  • Change the cushion covers to add a fresh look to your sofa or the children's chair in their bedroom, they would love that.

3. Home-Baking

Bake with your children some goodies, and leave them on the table for everyone to enjoy during the day.

Baking from scratch is very comforting and would put you children in a great mood. It develops many of excellent skills for children from understanding how to weigh and the measuring, to being careful with appliances in the kitchen, to acquiring a sense of achievement, or simply having fun manipulating ingredients and tasting!

There are so many home-baking recipes to rediscover starting with making your own bread as there is a shortage of these in supermarkets.

4. Keep zen with some wonderful scents

Don't hesitate to add lovely scents to your interior, especially the relaxing ones which will encourage a zen atmosphere and a more comforting lockdown. We recommend a 100% natural wellness candle as standard candles can be quite toxic. We have a lovely candle in our concept store which is a blend of lavender, ylang-ylang and geranium mimicking the scent you would find in a luxurious spa.

Can also be used in the bathroom whilst having a rare me-time moment with a hot relaxing bath and a good book!

5. Put on your favourite comfy sweat

There are clothes that just make the difference for us physically and mentally. Here is one Maman Poule Sweatshirt, that is perfect for the wonder Mums who are just rocking at the moment on all fronts. Can be personalised with number of chicks (aka Children) and their names.

It's 100% organic cotton, made on demand to avoid surproduction and waste.

6. Natural skincare to feel replenish

The lockdown could be a great time to let your skin breathe (with no make up day) and revisit your skincare routine. We recommend a 100% natural balm which contains only 8 ingredients. It nourishes, hydrates, protects and is multi-usage so you can use it beyond the skin for hair, lips and body.

Feel great even if you take a zoom call from bed or in your PJs!