Summer vacations are drawing to an end. We managed to enjoy the moments spent with our family as much as we could during these vacations marked by social distancing. We already know that the upcoming back-to-school will not be like the previous ones due to the pandemic.

We made a list of advice to help tackle this topic with your kids as it is important to get the family ready. 

1.Be honest and reassuring

Make sure to be informed enough about the news to answer your kid’s fears. They need to feel reassured and secure. Finally, do not hesitate to remind them that their family is healthy and that lots of adults are working hard to keep us safe. 

2.Remind them of good habits

Remind them to take steps to protect themselves and the others from the spread of the virus as we have noticed a relaxation from people wearing masks.

Encourage them to :

  • Wash regularly your hands for 20 seconds
  • Wear a mask
  • Do not put your hand into your mouth or eyes
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your arm when coughing



It might be difficult for children to wear masks. Thanks to our wide range of masks, wearing one has never been this simple. Indeed, its breathability and the large choice of patterns will help you protect your kid at school without harming our planet. They are handmade following the latest Afnor guidelines. 



3.Do not be afraid to openly talk about the virus

Do not hide anything from your children they have the right to be aware of what is happening right now. Although they might not grab the extent of the situation, do not forget that they can be affected by stress caused by the global pandemic. 

Check on a regular basis their stress level and adapt your speech according to their age while watching their reactions.

4.Revive your habits before going back to school despite the disruptions

After a long period without school, the children’s routine has been abruptly disrupted. Get back slowly to your routine before school for a fresh start. You will need to get them used little by little to the upcoming school year after a long period without having seen their friends. 

Make sure they also have everything they need for a green back-to-school with our selection of products !



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