In the hunt for kitchen tools that combine both natural/health dimension and an element of pleasure, we came across these little marvels: ceramic knives.

If like us, you don't have time to manage steel knives, are eating less meat and are trying to increase your intake of vegetables & fruits everyday, then ceramic knives are a welcome secret weapon!

So say hello to your local greengrocer, select some great fresh items which we find so much more appetising than the pre-cut frozen fruit & vegetables and prepare yourself for turning raw ingredients into memorable meals!

We are giving you 3 good reasons to consider switching to ceramic knives:

1. Turn Chopping & Slicing into Fun.

The lightweight and sharpness of these blades make slicing and chopping vegetable, fruits & herbs real fun. Ceramic knives are twice lighter than steel ones. Resulting in a better and easier handling. The slicing is super precise. No wonder one would instantly feel like a kitchen god or goddess!

Thinking of our Papa Poule tribe of men who love cooking at the week-end (& we adore them for this), this is the perfect tool to upweight their game.

2. Purity. Doesn't alter food taste.

Ceramic is made in nature through thousand of years of crystallisation, extreme temperatures and tons of pressure, making it the second hardest material after diamond. It is therefore wear-resistant. Humidity or time does not affect it, making it a long-lasting choice.

Corrosion-free, the ceramic blade does not chemically interact with foods. They are actually chemically inert so foods should taste and look the way they should. No metallic taste or odour.

And we Super Mummies love the thought of less-chemical, more natural and longer lasting choices.

3. Stay sharp for longer, effortlessly.

This is the easy peasy part that we all love. As we learn the satisfaction from cooking from scratch with fresh quality ingredients, now sliced with professional perfection, we would enjoy even more the low maintenance of the ceramic knives.

The extreme smooth surface of the blade doesn't react with acids, oils and salts, so you can simply wash and dry (dish-washer not recommended) after use. It never goes rusty.

Steel blades need to be honed and re-sharpened regularly into order to stay sharp. Ceramic blades have actually been proven to stay sharp for up to 10 times longer.

And with all that joy back into the slicing and chopping of fresh ingredients, how about spicing it all up with some naturally grown saffron ? one of our latest foodie discoveries.